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Equality South Dakota reflects on the 2022 Legislative Session

Today, we celebrate shared wins and make plans for what lies ahead.

With the 2022 legislative session officially behind us, Equality South Dakota and its partners across the great state of South Dakota commend the advocates, volunteers, business leaders, and all who rose to the occasion to fight for equality.

Together, we took steps toward a stronger South Dakota and bore witness to what change making in action looks like.

This year more than ever, people showed up. Our 2022 Visibility and Advocacy Day, formerly known as Lobby Day, was the most successful to date with over 100 people visiting the capitol to meet with their lawmakers one-on-one.

In addition to our event’s success, we saw thousands of people from across the state make phone calls and send letters to their legislators asking them to oppose bills which aim to harm trans kids and their families. While Senate Bill 46 was eventually signed into law, it is important for us to know that this did not go down without a fight.

With the power of our community that took action, some for the first time, we close the 2022 South Dakota Legislative Session knowing the best days are ahead of us. The future of equality in South Dakota is bright.

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For a deeper insight into what went down during the 2022 South Dakota Legislative Session, including how your current lawmakers voted on anti-LGBTQ+ bills, please take a look at the filed linked below.

Email with any questions.

2022 South Dakota Legislature Voring Record on Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills
Download • 196KB

Equality South Dakota's 2022 Session Wrap-up
Download • 878KB

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