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Holidays at the Capitol Are About More Than Merriment

It's official, the holiday season is here. And South Dakota’s annual holiday display at the State Capitol, which welcomes nearly 100 nonprofits and businesses to decorate trees that beautifully illustrate the merriment of the season, is open for all to view.

Yet, for LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit organizations and supporters who worked together to decorate a tree, this South Dakota tradition is about more.

Participating in this acts as a reminder of the support organizations like the Black Hills Center for Equality, The Transformation Project, Sioux Falls Pride, and Equality South Dakota offer area LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit folks during and outside of the holidays.

Leaders of these organizations know first-hand that a lack of support can have painfully negative consequences for their community. That support, of course, goes beyond the holidays for these organizations.

Representation for the LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit community is a year-round effort.

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